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From professional athletes to busy professionals, we help anyone who seeks peak performance. Our individualized approach, methodologies, and attention to detail produce unparalleled personal training results for our clients.

Built Better. For unmatched strength and fitness.

Athlete Training

Built Better consistently produces the absolute best results for athletes.

It’s a verifiable fact, proven true by client after client.

Because we don’t follow the crowd, we’ve been able to take personal training for athletes to the highest level via the best methodologies on the planet, all under one roof. All of this enables Built Better to deliver training results that no one else can achieve.

Whether you’re a rising star looking to unlock your full potential or a seasoned pro looking to break into the top .001% while adding years to your career, Built Better will get you where you want to be.

Thanks to our extensive, science-backed approach to peak physical fitness and performance, you’ll see the results you’re looking for–and beyond.

High School Athlete Training

When it’s time to get serious about your athletic performance, Built Better is who you want. Our in-depth analysis of your current athletic condition gives us the data needed to improve your weak points and develop your strengths.

From there, our strength coaches will guide you through each step of your unique training program to maximize your current performance and fully unlock your future potential.


College Athlete Training

Ready to take your game to the next level? Then, let Built Better zero in on what your unique body needs to unlock the most dramatic performance-related results possible.

The training, coaching, and guidance from Built Better empower you to achieve your best with a personalized understanding of what exercises, steps, and changes to make to turn your passion into a profession.


Strength Coaching For Professional Athletes

Whether you need more inches added to your vertical or more years added to your career, Built Better’s coaches help you implement the proven training methods that elevate your performance, prevent injury, and maximize your edge.


Personal Training In Scottsdale

For those who want to extract 100% of their body’s potential, Built Better personal training is the only solution for you. We take an in-depth look into your body’s composition, function, and capabilities to develop a custom roadmap to reach your highest level of personal fitness.

But peak physical shape involves more than just muscle. That’s why strength coaching from Built Better is designed to open the fitness floodgates on every level: your muscles, your mind, and even your DNA for the ultimate investment in your fitness.

Personal Training for Men

Built Better is for men who are ready for a total transformation, not just a fitness boost.

With Built Better personal training for men, you’ll see results you never thought possible as we take you from a portly pudge to a jacked powerhouse full of energy and testosterone via our personal coaching, training, and fitness insights.


Personal Training for Women

Our personal trainers will take a tailored, individual approach to your fitness to make you feel sculpted, strong, and unstoppable. So no matter what your fitness goals are, our personal trainers know how to make them happen.


Your Maximum Potential Unlocked Using Our Training Methods

If you’re ready for results, we’re ready for you.

We’ll start by gaining a thorough understanding of your body’s state, composition, and function that will let us create a complete fitness strategy. With this understanding of your unique strengths and weaknesses, our personal trainers and strength coaches will identify and target exactly what your body needs to unlock its maximum potential.

These assessments include:

  • Body Composition and Hormonal Analysis
  • Biochemical Testing
  • Brain Chemistry and Lifestyle Assessment
  • Force Plate Testing
  • Injury Risk Screening
  • Strength Testing
  • Customized Blood Panel and Food Sensitivity

From there, we’ll create a custom-built fitness program to get you on the path to peak power as your trainer helps you understand how to tap into what’s missing from your performance.

Armed with this custom approach, your personal trainer will provide the individual, one-on-one coaching and guidance you need to break through your body’s barriers and maximize your strength and fitness.


Anyone can make you sweat.
We’re interested in changing your life.

But what does life-changing fitness mean for you?

We’ve seen these changes ourselves in a wide variety of individuals, and it’s what inspires us as personal trainers:

  • Helping an individual aged 55+ drop 7% body fat in just one month
  • Making a dad stronger now than when he was in college, while improving his performance both in business and in his personal life
  • Extending professional athlete’s careers by years while adding 8.6 inches to a player’s vertical in the offseason

Life-changing fitness results are different for everyone, yet achievable for anyone.

Really, changing a life through strength and fitness becomes addicting to us. That’s why we want to use the absolute best in personal training and methodologies that are revealed to us via science, data, and personal insights.

Let us continue in our quest to change lives by changing yours.

Discover what’s possible with your fitness, what you’re capable of, and what results you can achieve with the help of our personal trainers and strength coaches.

Personal Trainers Who Help You Smash Through Limits

Imagine having a personalized fitness program based on hundreds of data points from your body.

Now imagine this program in the hands of a dedicated personal trainer whose focus is to fully utilize it to achieve results beyond what you thought possible.

Built Better’s personal trainers will push you past plateaus and reach new records by helping you with every aspect of your custom fitness program:

Every rep, every set, every circuit, all performed correctly to maximize your results.

Unleash What You’re Truly Capable Of
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Unleash What You’re Truly Capable Of

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