About Our Personal Trainers in Scottsdale

Our Personal Trainers Mix Knowledge, Data, and Fitness Obsession to Maximize Your Results and Performance

No Flash. No Gimmicks.

Just Maximum Results From Data-Driven, Personal Training.

Anyone can hand you a set of weights and make you sweat. But Built Better is about more than just working out.

Put simply: We push fitness to the max through evidence-based personal training.

We’ll prove that you’re stronger, faster, and a more capable athlete by getting you the best results of your career.

Our personal trainers are ready to put in the time, the research, the planning, and the effort to unlock your full fitness potential to help you achieve unparalleled results

Our Scottsdale Personal Trainers Use Data-Driven Insights For Maximum Results

We all want to achieve our best. But how can you know you’ll get there?

For Built Better, it all starts with our assessment:

Our personal trainers take an in-depth look at your body composition, brain chemistry, diet, and even blood to know how you work–and what you’re capable of.

We see how your body works: where you’re already strong, what needs work, where you’re slow, how you’ll avoid injury, etc.

Thanks to the answers your body gives us, our Scottsdale personal trainers develop a custom map that leads to your peak strength, fitness, and sports performance.

No Fluff, All Substance

There’s no shortage of personal training facilities with catchy names or flashy features that might look great on social media. But that’s not what Built Better is about.

We’re the hardcore, bare-bones personal trainers that get crazy results:

  • In-depth assessments
  • Individualized approaches
  • Extreme attention to detail

All for clear, consistent personal training results that no one else can match.

How Built Better Personal Training Untaps Your True Potential

Within 48 hours of contacting us, we will already have you working towards achieving maximum fitness results.

Step 1: Book a call

We talk with you, get to know you and your fitness goals, and make sure you’re serious about maximizing your fitness and performance.

Step 2: Visit Built Better for an in-depth fitness assessment.

We’ll take a detailed look at everything related to how your body performs, gaining key insights and data. Our personal trainers and strength coaches will also explain our training process and answer any questions.

Step 3: We create a custom fitness plan based on your body

Using all of the data, insights, and feedback from your assessment, we immediately start writing out all of your fitness training programs to unlock your true potential.

Step 4: Your one-on-one personal training begins

Once we get started, you’ll never be the same. Our Scottsdale personal trainers will help you implement each aspect of our fitness, strength, and performance programs to see results you never thought possible.

Unleash What You’re Truly Capable Of

Built Better is ready to show you what your body is truly capable of.
Take the first step today by contacting us.

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