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That’s why every claim by Built Better is backed up with consistent gains that are unmatched by any other personal training service.

See for yourself why an investment in a Built Better personal trainer is always the best way to maximize your athletic performance.

Training Results

Budda Baker

Arizona Cardinals Safety

“I wish I would have found this sooner!”

  • Added 6.2 inches to vertical jump in 16 weeks
  • Dropped 10-yard sprint from 1.63 to 1.4
  • Rehabbed shoulder injury to being stronger than before
  • Increased force production in the lower body by 107%

Even though Budda was already ranked the #19 overall player in the NFL, Built Better helped him unlock even more performance.

Through our assessment and training process, we discovered how to make him an even better football player, allowing him to reap rewards from his investment in himself throughout the rest of his career.

Jalen Thompson

Arizona Cardinals Safety

“Built Better is the best in the business.”

  • Added 8.6 inches to vertical jump in 16 weeks
  • Decreased 10 yard sprint time by .31 seconds
  • Successfully Avoided Injuries

Jalen invested in Built Better’s athlete training for over three years, and his results speak for themselves.

He relates, “I came in wanting to improve my speed and jumping ability. As a result, I got .20 faster in my 10-yard split time and have gained 4 inches just in this offseason.”

“Coaches are intentional with the workouts they give each athlete to ensure they are the best in whatever sport they are in. Best work in the valley.”

Darrel Williams

New Orleans Saints Running Back

“My body feels amazing and I feel faster and stronger than ever.”

  • 44lbs change in body composition, equaling a 10.1% drop
  • 32% increase in lower body force production
  • 4 inches added to vertical jump

In just six weeks, Darrel was able to achieve incredible results thanks to Built Better’s strength coaching.

How was this possible? He comments, “They push you to be the best you can be. Consistency is key. If you’re ready to push yourself and see some of the best results, this is the place for you.”

Not only did Darrel experience undeniable performance improvements, but he also enjoyed the process. “[It’s a] nice facility, everyone is very welcoming, great people to be around. You have fun and work at the same time.

“I’ve gained 3 inches in my vertical in less than a month and overall gotten more flexible and stronger. They assess your weaknesses right away and turn you into an overall better athlete.”

— Jahlen Jack D1 Basketball Player

Brittany Gilderleeve

24 Weeks of Training

“I have the best trainers who write programs and train me according to what I need.”

  • Over 70lbs in body composition change
  • Lost fat and gained muscle at the same time
  • Continues to set and achieve goals with Built Better

Brittany is more than happy with the results Built Better has helped her achieve.

Others are noticing her results too.

She comments, “A lot of people ask me how I lost so much weight and continue to achieve my goals. It’s really simple: I’m consistent with my nutrition, my training, and I have the best trainers who write programs and train me according to what I need.”

Bernie Wooster

12 Weeks of Training

“My mission was to regain my body composition from 30 years ago when I was 25. I reached my goal in 12 weeks.”

  • Dropped 19.2% body fat, now is only 9.6%
  • Gained 14 lbs of muscle
  • Eliminated the back pain she experienced her entire life

Bernie is proof that you can feel like you’re young again with training from Built Better.

As a 55 year-old single mom of two who also runs a demanding business, she had a lot of reasons to give up on her fitness goals of feeling young, healthy, and fit again.

But thanks to her commitment to the Built Better program written just for her, she saw improvements she never thought possible.

“We mapped out a plan for nutrition, supplementation, training, and sleep that was personalized to my lifestyle.”

12 weeks later, and she feels like she did in her 20’s.

“I realized that the story I had been telling myself was BS. Even the doctor said to lay off training because of my back injury.

Moral of the story – you’re never too old! Don’t believe the naysayers!”

John Rogoveanu

24 Weeks of Training

“At 35, I’m now stronger than I was in college and can easily keep up with my three energetic kids”

John’s fitness and health took a toll from raising three kids while owning multiple businesses. He wasn’t sure if he could feel healthy and strong again.

Then he discovered Built Better.

He recounts, “With the help of the excellent coaches at Built Better, I shed over 40 lbs of fat and gained more than 20lbs of muscle within six months.”

His experience can inspire anyone looking to feel great while still caring for other responsibilities. In fact, Built Better’s training made him a more successful person all around.

“Their program has not only helped me achieve my fitness goals but also enhanced my performance in business and personal life…

If you’re looking for a training program that rivals the intensity of professional athletes, I strongly endorse Built Better.”

Amber Perez

6 Weeks of Training

  • Dropped 6% body fat in six weeks
  • Gained muscle while losing fat
  • Gained confidence, improved hormones, and overall health

Myles Harris

3+ Years of Training

“Best training around.”

As the owner of multiple successful businesses, Myles knows a good investment when he sees one.

That’s why he has chosen to invest in his health for over three years with Built Better–with results that continue to pay off as time goes on.

Initially, he needed help with ACL rehab along with losing weight.

Thanks to the custom program created by Built Better’s coaches, he saw results beyond what he expected. He says, “Justin and his team have changed my body. They also helped me rehab my ACL tear back to better than before.”

Get Results Beyond What You Imagined from our Personal Training

From professional athletes whose career depends on achieving their maximum performance, to dedicated individuals getting the strength and physique they’ve always wanted, Built Better’s data-driven training smashes expectations.

That’s why you can ask any client, and they’ll say the same thing: no one gets results like Built Better’s personal training. No matter who you are or what you want to accomplish, team up with Built Better to make it happen.

Personal Trainers that Guide Every Step, Rep, and Set

Having hundreds of data points analyzed from your body is only half of the equation; the other half is giving you a dedicated personal trainer to put your custom training program to full use.

Our personal trainers will examine your specific goals and then study what your body’s data tells us about how to reach them. From there, we’ll create a purpose-built training program and show you how to fully utilize it, unlocking the results you’ve always wanted.

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