Data-Driven Strength Training

For Results Beyond What You Imagined

Data-Driven Strength Training

For Results Beyond What You Imagined

Scottsdale Personal Trainers

Our Personal Trainers Take an Evidence-Based Approach to Training to Achieve Unparalleled Results

Built Better personal trainers and strength coaches are ready to help you achieve the performance results you never thought possible.

Receive the most in-depth fitness assessment of your life for a personalized program and personal trainer to extract your maximum performance.

Discover how our personal training and strength coaching services will help you perform your absolute best.

Athlete Training

Built Better takes an in-depth look at your body’s composition and function via 100’s of data points to show athletes how to take their game to the next level and experience unmatched results.

  • High School Athletes
  • College Athletes
  • Professional Athletes

Scottsdale Personal Training

Get the same level of personal training and strength coaching as professional athletes to deliver incredible results. Our custom-tailored training programs are strategically designed to help your unique goals, whether that means increased strength, a sculpted physique, improved energy, or anything else you’re looking to accomplish.


NFL Offseason and Combine Training

Athletes who are serious about their performance know that natural ability will only get them so far. The fact is, personalized training is what separates the good from the great.

If you’re a rising star ready to dramatically improve your athletic performance, invest in yourself with strength training from Built Better’s strength coaches.

Our strategic approach combined with proven methodologies are just what you need to reach your maximum potential now and to keep progressing on into the future.


Online Personal Training

Our personalized online training service is designed and developed to provide the Built Better fitness experience for fitness fanatics around the world. Get live, step-by-step training for each workout, along with countless other benefits and advantages to help you achieve and even surpass your fitness goals.


Scottsdale Personal Trainers Who Smash Plateaus

It’s a basic truth: personal training clients who want the best performance need the best training. And to get the best training, you need more than a general, one-size-fits-all approach.

Built Better has spent years creating, developing, and perfecting our assessment process to replace guesses with evidence, providing us the data our strength coaches and personal trainers need to take your performance to the max.

Personal Training For Athletes Who Expect More

We love that our clients have tried other training programs before coming to us–it makes our unmatched results stand out even more.

Built Better’s personal trainers do so much more than just make you sweat. Instead, we take a calculated, scientific approach to strength and fitness that’s tailored to you.

Our coaches and trainers apply our proven, data-driven methods to your unique body. By creating a personalized program for your distinct needs, we unleash what you’re truly capable of.

The Best Performance Of Your Life Starts With Our Scottsdale Personal Trainers

The personal training from Built Better produces the best results–period. From professional athletes to fitness fanatics, our programs and systems deliver unmatched strength and performance.

Get started today by calling (480) 952-0344 or fill out our contact form to unlock what you’re truly capable of with our Scottsdale personal trainers.

The Best Performance of Your Life Starts Today

The strength training from Built Better produces the best results–period.
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