Empower Yourself With Built Better’s Personal Training

Empower Yourself With Built Better’s Personal Training

Scottsdale Personal Trainers for Women

Personal Training for Women. Uniquely Tailored to You.

We want to do more than just help you look good; we empower you to show the world who you really are.

Built Better helps you do this by providing customized training based on your mind, your body, and even your DNA.

By testing your body, brain, and blood for hundreds of data points, we’ll create a customized training program that delivers the unique results you’re looking for.

Learn how Built Better’s personal training helps you improve your strength, appearance, emotional health, and confidence to become the woman you always wanted to be.

The Power and Energy You’ve Been Looking for

Why does our personal training program produce unmatched results?

Because it’s based entirely on you.

We first comprehensively measure data from you to understand your body’s unique composition.

That means we ascertain what’s there, what’s lacking, and what your body will respond to, unlocking the power and energy you’ve been looking for.

More Energy from an Increased Metabolism

The personalized training we provide increases lean muscle mass and boosts your metabolic rate. With a higher metabolism, you’ll burn more calories at rest.

This helps you enjoy the appearance you always wanted and the energy you need to accomplish whatever you encounter in your day. 

Greater Endurance

As you progress in your personalized training program, you’ll improve both your strength and your stamina to give you a continued increase in endurance.

This sustained energy provides the strength and fortitude our female clients have often been looking for, helping them accomplish more in life and feel less fatigue.

Better Sleep Quality

Your personal training program is carefully chosen to include the right type, amounts, and intensity of exercise, all based on what your goals are and what your body needs.

These exercises have been shown to improve sleep patterns, leading to deeper and more restful sleep. This, in turn, enhances your overall energy levels and productivity.

Let’s get to work

Feel Better to Live Better

Imagine how good you’ll feel with a customized training and nutrition program that’s designed just for you.

Once your body finally gets what it needs, it can function and perform at its best.

As a result, Built Better’s personal training will help you feel better, have more strength, and experience less stress and anxiety.

Balanced Hormone Levels

Various hormones produced in your body have an enormous impact on how you think and feel. These hormones are often influenced and even regulated by certain exercises.

Our workout programs will consistently help your body regulate these hormones. The result is increased energy, happiness, and well-being by regulating hormones like estrogen, which promotes neuronal synapse activity to help with learning, memory, and mood.

At the same time, you’ll also enjoy a drop in anxiety and depression by reducing stress hormones like cortisol, a chemical known to elevate anxiety and inflammation.

Better Mental Health

Your custom training program will also have an effect on your mind’s other chemicals and signals, all to help you feel better and think clearer.

On top of the physical benefits, you’ll enjoy a greater sense of control in your life as you see what you’re capable of accomplishing. This promotes a sense of agency, confidence, and self-esteem.

Reduced Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Along with feeling better and thinking clearer, your trainer will help your body reach the right levels of aerobic intensity to fully activate your respiratory and cardiovascular system.

These levels of exercise have been shown to burn off stress-causing chemicals that are often released from daily pressures or anxieties, helping you tackle your life’s challenges head-on.

For example, your workout program will help your body to release endorphins, which are neurotransmitters in your brain that naturally help you feel good and think clearly while fighting stress, pain, and depression.

Let’s get to work

Gain the Confidence and Self-Respect You Deserve Working WIth Our Personal Trainers

Built Better’s personal training produces more than just improved fitness and energy.

For example, you’ll prove to yourself how strong you are as a woman while showing the world what you’re capable of.

By combining increased strength and energy with the structure and discipline you need, you’ll see the positive effects build on themselves to help you overcome obstacles in life and empower you to reach your maximum potential. 

Look Better, Feel Better

Your beauty is defined by one person: you.

That’s why we want to give you control over how you want to look via a personalized workout program that helps you attain it.

Whether you want to burn fat for a slender figure, increase muscle for a stronger physique, or even focus on specific parts of your body to give you the shape you want, our training will help you take control of how you appear.

Greater Confidence and Self-Worth

As you see for yourself what you’re capable of accomplishing with our training, you’ll realize that nothing is out of reach for you. This sense of accomplishment often provides women with the boost of self-esteem and personal satisfaction they’ve been looking for.

Reaching your fitness goals and overcoming obstacles physically provides tangible proof of your success. In turn, you’ll gain the confidence, discipline, and self-worth needed to successfully tackle whatever challenges you face in life.

Stability From a Consistent Routine

Having a dedicated trainer regularly helping you improve yourself provides the structure and routine that fosters mental and emotional stability.

These consistent workouts help you build positive, healthy habits in life. As a result, clients like you are often able to continue to make other positive choices and changes in their lies, which can lead to healthier relationships, better decisions, and a more satisfying personal life.

Increased Productivity from Better Focus

By having the right guidance and support needed for a healthier mind and body, your training program will begin paying off in other avenues of life.

This often improves work performance thanks to increased mental clarity, lower stress, and increased energy and focus. 

As a result, our clients often enjoy greater efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Let’s get to work

The Personal Training Process That Produces the Best Version of You

To say that we take your fitness seriously is an understatement.

Rather, we are so invested in surpassing your fitness expectations that we’ve developed a unique, data-driven process to help you achieve the fitness, physique, and health you’ve always wanted.

This is all possible thanks to our all-encompassing approach to understanding you. We built it from the ground up to provide the most personalized, custom-tailored fitness program possible.

First, we get to know you personally. We want to understand your unique fitness goals and what results you want to achieve. We’ll also explain exactly how we’ll help you achieve these results.

Then, we’ll take the most in-depth assessment of your body that you’ve ever experienced. This includes performing hundreds of tests to measure how your body functions, your physical state, and even looking at your brain functions and your genetics.

The information and data from our assessment can include:

  • Neurochemistry testing
  • Hormonal testing
  • Blood work and interpretation
  • Length and tension testing
  • Strength testing
  • Diet and sleep history
  • Force plate testing

From there, we’ll put all of this data and information to work for you.  Our fitness trainers will use it to write the roadmap to your peak physical fitness by creating these crucial components for you:

  • Individualized workout programs
  • Individualized nutrition and supplements
  • Habit protocols

All of this guidance and information is provided and accessed on the Built Better AZ app. This includes information and schedules related to your sessions, exercises, and health insights.

Having constant access to your personal workout program makes this transformative process as easy, simple, and convenient as possible for you.

Thanks to having the right information and tools at their disposal, your personal trainer will begin helping you fully utilize each aspect of your workout program at our facility.

This custom workout program includes:

  • Warmup
  • Proprioception work
  • Specific exercises to reach your specific goal
  • Rehabilitation work
  • Recovery

And since we’re just as invested in fitness results as you are, we’ll make sure you’re achieving what you want by regularly monitoring your progress via testing, such as:

  • Force plate testing
  • Range of motion testing
  • Body composition testing, including body fat percentage
  • Nutrition analysis

As you can see, we have the trainers, tools, processes, and knowledge needed to take you as far as you want to go in your fitness journey. The only thing missing is you.

Proof That Our Personal Trainers Create Unmatched Results

Thanks to a custom fitness program created just for you and implemented by our personal trainers, there’s nothing standing between you and achieving the results you’ve been looking for.

To get you excited about what’s waiting for you, take a look at how we’ve already helped other women transform their body, mind, and life.

  • Brittany Gilderleeve: Over 70 lbs in body composition change. “A lot of people ask me how I lost so much weight and continue to achieve my goals. It’s really simple: I’m consistent with my nutrition, my training, and I have the best trainers who write programs and train me according to what I need.”
  • Amber Perez: Shed 6% body fat in just six weeks, gained confidence, improved hormones, improved overall health.
  • Bernie Wooster: Dropped from 19.2% body fat to only 9.6%, gained 14 lbs of muscle, eliminated her life-long back pain. “My mission was to regain my body composition from 30 years ago when I was 25. I reached my goal in 12 weeks.”

These examples highlight how each unique client benefits from our training to reach their unique goals and outcomes.

So no matter what you want to accomplish, we’re ready to help you achieve fitness results that surpass your expectations.

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